Tracy Abbott

Member of Board of Directors and Director


Tracy is a trained intervention professional and tech consultant in the addiction and mental health field representing platforms that deliver support services to individuals in or seeking recovery.  

Ms Abbott is a credentialed interventionist, a graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary's Institute for Recovery Ministry, a local and national recovery advocate and peer in (13 yrs) recovery from alcohol use disorder. She has served privately and professionally Houston’s homeless community, women in crisis, drug and alcohol addicted persons seeking recovery and similarly disadvantaged persons for the past decade. Tracy has developed a strong network of personal and professional contacts with church leaders, civic leaders and leaders within the national recovery community. Tracy is the “vision caster” and driving force behind The ARK. 

Philip P. Sudan, Jr.

Member of Board of Directors

and Secretary


Phil has been a Houston business attorney for 35 years, and is the named partner and co-founder of the Houston and Dallas-based business law firm McCullough & Sudan, PLLC, He has served as a director on the boards of both public and private companies, as well as non-profits.