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 Rocko Steady 

Rocko Stedy Narvios has dedicated his life to helping people discover their passions and put into action the energy, strategy, and resources that create the motivation to reach desired levels of personal fulfillment. As a hip-hop artist that specializes in culture, Rocko Narvios has performed for every major cultural organization in the city of Houston. Combining his love for hip-hop with his Pride of Place concept and Do Better City movement, Rocko continues to make music based on progressively affecting his community.

A “variable” to hip-hop’s industry, Narvios is known for his innovative words of strategy, proven to create lasting change through hip-hop music. His concept, “Pride of Place” is based on accepting your past, appreciating your present and welcoming your future. Rocko believes that, “words have the power to destroy or to build.” He strives to build up and to breathe life into others. By uncovering the emotional triggers that impact our lives, Rocko Stedy Narvios will provide you with empowering music to shape your decisions and propel you to success              


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