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Aaron Benward & Nashville Unplugged telling The Story Behind the Song

Travis has seen it all, as he wrote earlier on Everyone Matters - and he brings it to his music.  "I pull for the underdogs, because I see myself in them," he says.He is an amputee, having lost his leg, and beaten cancer. He is a SURVIVOR, with all its shadings of black/white/grey.​

In Travis' own words: 
"I'm not the fastest the best looking or the bravest, I'm a survivor. 
I survived car wrecks and cancer. Addiction and religion. I quit smoking. twice. 
I've been to rehab and jail.
I've been interrogated by the KGB and threatened to be stoned to death by radical hindi's in India for giving bibles to kids. I've been shot at, cut at, loved on and hated, married and very alone. I fall down and I get up...often slowly.
I am awesome and insecure.
My pride is too big and my courage is too small.
I have scars and missing parts that I hide, some times by standing in front of them and sometimes behind, 
because I don't want to be identified with them or known for them.
I am bigger than the sum of the few parts I have left. 
I am more than the road I've taken to get here. 
I am deeper than the stories I tell or the songs I write 
and I'm shallow enough to lie in both. I am constantly reaching, becoming, changing and staying the same.
Life is tragic and beautiful and I intend to live it completely and thoroughly as long as I have air in these lungs and a leg to stand on." - Travis 

You can reach out to Travis at his website: 

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