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REEL Recovery Film Festival Houston Edition - 2015      
9/25-26 - The Council on Recovery

 9/27 - Finale @ Sundance Cinemas


Ticket purchase HERE

The REEL Recovery Film Festival is a national festival celebrating the arts, film and creativity through an honest look at drug addiction, alcoholism and recovery.
This unique and impactful event was created by Leonard Buschel to support the cost of substance use disorder treatment for anyone who makes a living off the written word. Leonard and longtime friend Robert Downey, Sr. co-founded its non-profit parent organization, "Writer's In Treatment." The film festival showcases documentary, short and feature films.
The selection is intentionally eclectic. “We don’t try to brainwash anybody. We don’t try to do spontaneous interventions on the audience. We don’t show films that preach or condescend." Instead, the films are “just honest depictions of addiction, recovery and sobriety.” Leonard Buschel - RRFF Producer
The ARK is the licensed host of Houston's Annual REEL Recovery Film Festival. 
For more information: visit:
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